This component is the main one for the master server. It runs all the systems of the master server when it starts.

  • Look For Modules - tells the server to search for server modules in the scene and run them.
  • Look In Children Only - tells the server to search for modules only in child components of the current object.
  • Permissions - list of permissions levels.
  • Target Frame Rate - sets the maximum number of frames per second on the server.
  • Log Level - log level to output messages to log console.
  • Use Public Ip - tells to the server that it can use the public IP address of the machine on which it is running. This address must be static(white).
  • Server Ip - IP address or URL of your master server.
  • Server Port - port of your master server.
  • Max Connections - sets the maximum allowed number of connections to the master server.
  • Auto Start In Editor - allows the master server to start automatically in the editor.