A component that helps to run game servers remotely. It registers in the master server as a client and waits for requests to launch game servers using the given path to the server executable file.

  • MachineIp - The IP address of the machine on which the room is scheduled to start. Actually, a spawner should be running on the same machine. You can set this using -mstRoomIp command line argument in application config file.
  • ExecutableFilePath - Path to room server executable file. You can set this using -mstRoomExe command line argument in application config file.
  • MaxProcesses - Max number of rooms/server SpawnerController can run
  • SpawnWebSocketServers - Use this to set whether or not to spawn room/server for browser games. This feature works only if game server uses websocket transport for connections
  • Region - Spawner region used when you are trying to start rooms by given region. Empty means International. This region will be visible in create new game window in regions dropdown list. You can set this using -mstRoomRegion command line argument in application config file.
  • KillProcessesWhenStop - If true, kills all spawned processes when spawners stopped.

Editor settings are used only while running in editor and for test purpose only.

  • AutoStartInEditor - If true, when running in editor, spawner server will start automatically (after connecting to master)
  • OverrideExePathInEditor - If true, and if running in editor, path to executable will be overridden, and a value from 'exePathFromEditor' will be used.
  • ExePathFromEditor - Path to the executable to be spawned as server.