Getting started

Essence of the framework

No matter what you're building with the framework, there will always be two main components:

  • Master Server(MasterServerBehaviour) - a central server, to which everything connects - players, game servers, spawners and etc.
  • Connection To Master Server(ClientToMasterConnector) - connection, over which clients communicate with the master server

You can see an example of using basic connection to master server on this page

The concept of connecting the client to the master

The image shows only the basic working principle of connecting the client to the master. In this case, the master is responsible for all systems. Since MST is a framework, you can easily create a Master server and connect microservices to it, which in turn are also servers and at the same time clients. These microservices can be Authorization systems, Chat rooms, API interaction with third-party systems, and so on, there are no restrictions.

The examples provided in the package use ready-made services. But there are times when you did not plan to use everything that is shown in the examples. In this case, you can write your own systems using the framework API.