There are situations, even in most cases, when you need a secure connection. To do this, you need a security certificate, also known as an SSL certificate.

In MST, it is quite simple to use a certificate. To work with a secure connection, you must use a configuration file or command-line arguments. We only need a few parameters:

  • -mstUseSecure=true - instructs the server and client to use a secure connection.
  • -mstCertificatePath=C:\Certificates\MasterServer.pfx - path to certificate. 
  • -mstCertificatePassword=qwerty123 - password of certificate.

For the command line, we specify these parameters as follows:

-mstUseSecure true -mstCertificatePath "C:\Certificates\MasterServer.pfx" -mstCertificatePassword qwerty123