Release notes

MST 4.16.0 (Remember that this update has a large number of changes)


  • New database Object-Relational Mapping(ORM). Now you can easily integrate your favorite database management system. Here is a list of supported databases: ClickHouse, DB2 (LUW, z/OS),Firebird ,Informix ,MariaDB ,Microsoft Access ,Microsoft Sql Azure ,Microsoft Sql Server ,Microsoft SqlCe ,MySql ,Oracle ,PostgreSQL ,SQLite ,SAP HANA ,SAP/Sybase ASE ,DB2 iSeries.
  • New management system for sending profile updates to clients. Now you can easily configure the sending interval and asynchronously perform this action on the side of the profile module.
  • Added a new method of package serialization in json
  • Added logger to all accessors
  • Added new properties to Account info data class. Created, Updated, IsBanned
  • Added new approach to add custom properties to matchmaking behaviour.
  • Added serialization of profile to json. Now you should implement this logic in all your custom observable properties.
  • Added improvements to generating ids in MstHelper class
  • Added new methods to MstProperties. Now you can Escape or Unescape values. This will help you to transfer command line arguments correctly between server and room
  • Added new methods to SerializationExtensions class to help you parse packets.
  • Added improvements to ScenesLoader class.
  • Added new methods to StringExtensions class.


  • Unnecessary asynchronous calls of various server methods
  • Removed custom properties demo for matchmaking behaviour.
  • Removed some methods and properties from ObservableServerProfile class
  • Removed some methods and properties from ProfilesModule
  • Removed previous libraries for MySQL. Now use Linq2Db to work with MySQL database. See demo.


  • Changes in package serialization
  • Changes in all accessors
  • Some names of methods, classes and properties have been changed to more logically understandable ones
  • Improvements in AuthModule. Some methods was removed or improved
  • Improvements in ChatModule. Some methods was removed or improved
  • Improvements in CensorModule. Some methods was removed or improved
  • Changed packet.AsPacket(new Packet()) to packet.AsPacket<Packet>()
  • Changed logic of saving and updating profile in profiles module.
  • Changed MstAdvancedSettings class. Removed some unnecessary logic.
  • Changed names of some command line arguments
  • Changed method of creating AES key from XML to JSON. Now it runs more fast.
  • Changes and improvements in ServerBehaviour.
  • Some more small changes and many fixes.


  • Fixed an issue with fishnet room starting process(Timeout).
  • Changed version of websocket sharp library. Fixed connection issues.
  • Added new method to IAccountsDatabaseAccessor
  • Improvements in AuthModule
  • Added ObservableProfilePopulator to help you quickly populate your profile properties
  • Other small improvements.

MST 4.15.1

  • Fishnet and mirror room bug fixes

MST 4.15.0

  • Bug fixes

MST 4.14.1

  • Bug fixes

MST 4.14 Domain reload support

  • Bug fixes:
    • In Tweener
    • In SingletonBehaviour
    • In ServerBehaviour
    • In ScenesLoader
    • In built-in RoomServerManager
    • In built-in RoomServer
    • In Fishnet RoomNetworkManager
    • In built-in RoomClientManager
    • In RoomClient<T>
    • In MstUpdateRunner
    • In Mst
  • Added new functionality and features:
    • Title in UIView
    • Icon in UIButton
    • Multithreading in ObservableBaseDictionary<TKey, TValue>
    • Changing events in ObservableBaseDictionary<TKey, TValue>
    • New observable profile property - ObservableDateTime
    • Delegates in ObservableBaseList<T>
    • New methods in MstNotificationServer
    • New demo examples in Profiles demo
    • New window for profiles demo - InventoryView
    • Now you can choose use auth credentials for HttpServerModule or not
    • Remastered DynamicSingletonBehaviour
  • Removed:
    • Instance in DynamicSingletonBehaviour
    • ScenesLoadManager

MST 4.13.2

  • Bug fixes:
    • ViewsManager
    • SmtpMailer
    • ServerBehaviour
    • RoomServerManager. Sometimes had lost connection to master
    • RoomController
    • RoomClientManager. Mirror.
    • ProfilesModule
    • ProfileSettingsView
    • MstTimer
    • MstRoomsServer
    • MstNotificationServer
    • MstProfilesServer
    • MstChatClient
    • HttpServerModule
  • Added new functionality and features:
    • UsernamePickView. If username is not picket then this view will appear.
    • UIViewKeyInputHandler. Toggles and events.
    • UIView. Not it can block inputs. Use ViewsManager.IsInputBlocked to make sure your input are blocked for now.
    • Tweener manager to allow you to tween numbers and strings.
    • BasicProfiles demo. Now has extended functionality to show you how to create simple inventory and save data to DB.
    • SignUpView. Some improvements.
    • SignInView. Some improvements.
    • RoomToMasterConnector. For room to master connection. 
    • RoomServer
    • RoomNetworkManager
    • RoomController
    • ProfileView
    • ProfileSettingsView
    • PasswordResetView
    • PasswordResetCodeView
    • PasswordInputDialogBoxView
    • MstOpCodes
    • MstEventKeys
    • MstArgNames
  • Removed:
    • PopupViewComponent. Deprecated functionality
    • PasswordInputDialogBoxView. Deprecated functionality
    • Removed all unlicensed files

Many many other bug fixes, improvements and removes. Total 153.